“Sometimes, in life there is only five minutes to realize important things, whether it is the meaning of being, a love triangle or why the stars above our heads are so far from us, but so beautiful and inaccessible. Plunge into this fairy tale with -Aleks Grey and Iselin- and draw conclusions - which is actually important in your life.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Порой, в жизни бывает лишь пять минут, чтобы осознать важные вещи, будь то смысл бытия, любовный треугольник или почему звёзды над нашими головами так далеки от нас, но так прекрасны и недосягаемы. Окунитесь в эту сказку вместе с -Aleks Grey и Iselin- и сделайте выводы — что на самом деле важно в вашей жизни.”

Five minutes is a mellow pop gem written and performed by the Norwegian artists Aleks Grey and Iselin. Both hail from the west coast of Norway, and although they live in Oslo, they drove out west to a studio called Ocean Sound Studios, where they found the inspiration to their next single "Five Minutes". The song is about everyday life, with stress, always some terrible story on the news, work, social media etc., but then taking the time, to just be, two people together. Put on a song and just dance.

«Can we just listen to Holocene, and shut out all the noise that’s been keeping us down lately? Cause lately it’s been too much.»

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
September 28, 2022

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