Archer – Past Life (Spotify)

“An emotionally charged interpretation of what it was and what it is. The smooth beat guides us along the invisible lines of this retro rhythm, spiked by guitar solos and proper synths. It has a way of talking to you and it just feels right. ”

Archer arrives on the music scene to share his unique vision of rock-fueled synthscapes layered with moving and universal lyrics. Forged across 3 decades, 10 states, thousands of miles and dozens of life-changing experiences and lessons, Archer is both a culmination of a life's worth of journeys and the growth into an artist's next grand adventure. Born a military brat in Southern California desert and zig-zagging across the USA to return to make his home in the Sonora desert of Arizona, Archer has been writing and recording music for over a decade in preparation for this project to share his journy and experiences -- and those of his collaboratos -- with the world.

Reviewed by Nagamag on February 26, 2022