Arrowsmith – Repelled

“It is amazing how, in such a minimalist, piano, the work is such a huge number of feelings and emotions, embedded by the author in every note. Sometimes a few words are enough to express their thoughts and -arrowsmith - this is well aware of this. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Удивительно, как в таком минималистичном, фортепианном произведение такое огромное количество чувств и эмоций, вложенные автором в каждую ноту. Иногда для выражения своих мыслей достаточно нескольких слов и -Arrowsmith- прекрасно это осознаёт.”

Soar is the latest release in a series of pieces composed around the modern relationships beginning, middle and increasingly common end. With the third release ‘Soar’ depicting the beginning of the end, Repelled is composed around the end of a relationship.

Repelled is a quiet piece that plays with the structure of ‘Charmed’, but forces an unnatural change in the tonality. It is a solemn and dark creation aimed to reflect a relationships unhappy ending.

Reviewed by Nagamag on May 9, 2022