Bad Lori, Yaran – Zvezde (Spotify)

“For those who seek something different in music, "Zvezde" could be the right choice. Two artists have combined their skills for this Electro Pop track. Distinct dynamic shifts in sound result in unpredictable flow and its vocal variety will surely make you listen again.”

Zvezde is a fast-paced pop track with strong present vocals and guitar-heavy verse arrangement contrasted by synthpop vibes with sampled Amen break during the chorus. The beat is in 7/8 time signature, so it has a soft balkan feel emphasised by lyrics in two balkan languages, Slovenian and the rap/sing Albanian part.

The lyrics are an introspective story about loss.

Lyrics highlights:

Hook: Plavam skoz zvezde, plavam se utapljam v zvezdah / Swimming through stars (universe), drowning in them/it.
Ne povrne, dno ne vrne, izgubljenih ljudi / Hitting the rock bottom doesn't bring back those who were lost

Reviewed by Nagamag on December 13, 2021