“Intricately interwoven sequences develop into a lush, full sound that in turn morphs into simpler themes, & then back again to an even bigger sound as instruments are added. A progressive ever changing composition full of creativity & experimentation. Ambient, melodic, percussive & at times cinematic. This track is packed with everything that makes Mike’s music so good to listen to.”

Barstool Astronaut is instrumental music fueled with experimentation and built for space travel drawing from influences such as Four Tet, Little People, Bonobo, The Flashbulb, and many more.

Denver, Coloardo based producer Mike Larson Schneider started Barstool Astronaut after years of touring and session work as a drummer. Feeling a creative limitation behind the kit in bands (and with the schematics of the music industry in general), he picked back up his first instrument – piano – and started making instrumental electronic music with borrowed software and semi-blind ambition. After a few years creating music with no artistic limitations in mind, Schneider has carved out his own sound from the electronic-leaning genres of IDM, ambient, and instrumental hip-hop, often blending them with a layer of acoustic instruments, inspired by post-rock dynamics and composition.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
May 1, 2021

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