Bexxie – The Time

“Forget about time at least for a moment. Remove the watch from your hand, turn off the phone and do not look for any mention of where you are and which is now. The time has come to plunge into the rhythms of the melodic Techno & House, dissecting the invisible waves of the temptation in the dance with his hands. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Забудьте о времени хотя бы на мгновение. Снимите часы с руки, выключите телефон и не ищите взглядом любое упоминание о том, где вы и который сейчас час. Пришло время погрузиться в ритмы мелодичного Techno & House, рассекая в танце руками невидимые волны соблазна.”

Ready to take summer by storm, on June 1st, Bexxie, one of EDM’s quickly rising “ones to watch”, will share “The Time” on Anjunabeats. “The Time” will mark Bexxie’s vocal debut, on a track which she also produced herself. This house song is decorated with hints of deep, mystical vibes - which makes it perfect for any dance floor as this summer’s heat sets in. On this track, she goes back and forth internally, fixating on thoughts such as how should anyone know when it’s “the time”? Bexxie says, “The meaning behind the lyrics is that feeling when you intuitively know it's "the time" for a relationship to end, but both of you are maybe holding on longer than you should. There always comes "the time" when someone just intuitively knows it's time for them to make a change in their life, whether that's ending a relationship, changing careers, finally pursuing a lifelong dream, making the time/space for yourself, and the list could go on.”

Reviewed by Nagamag on June 9, 2022