Braue – The Rattle (Spotify)

Braue – The Rattle

Braue – The Rattle (Spotify)

Wonderful lofi house chill vibes from Canadian producer Braue, taken from her stunning "Sleeping In Shapes EP"

Braue is no stranger around the camp fire, having releasing her shtonking tune "Unicord" in 2019 as well as stepping up to programme the Sound Like a Good Time playlist on Spotify and contributing to our Sounds Like a Good Mixtape on Soundcloud, where she totally crushed it ( Her tunes are that special blend of banging and emotionally charged that hits the sweet spot - influenced by her classical piano training background, an upbringing in the impenetrable rainforest basin of Vanvcouver, and her time spent DJing Berlin, performing alongside legends like Prosumer, DVS1, Daniel Bell, The Black Madonna, Steffi, and others. Now one of our favs drops her sophomore release on your favorite label: The 5-track mini-album “Sleeping In Shapes' moves through the gamut of Braue’s moody, eerily tough sonic palette. Micro flourishes emerge through the moody haze snaring you into the vibe. Release opener “Gravy Train” clangs like the best of them, swirling pads ensconce a looping vocal and full frontal 4/4/ thump, before jumping deep into the motorik motors & square bass throwback of “Spiral”. “Robot Arms” veers into more leftfield territory, from there we float off-world with the lush embrace of “Succulent” before breaking entirely free of any constraints of Earthly gravity on closing track “The Rattle”. Throughout all these pieces, the work contains elements of aquatic downtempo bordering the fringes of Chicago house, a dance party in a dreamscape setting. Music that will have you both as much throwing shapes as sleeping in them.

Reviewed by Nagamag on June 13, 2020

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