Carlin Canter – Blow Your Smoke | Jazz music review

Carlin Canter – Blow Your Smoke | Jazz music review

“Τα όμορφα και αισθησιακά φωνητικά δημιουργούν μια γλυκιά και γοητευτική ατμόσφαιρα που σίγουρα θέλεις να βυθιστείς μέσα σε αυτή. Η υπέροχη μελωδία με την αρμονική ροή της και τον εκλεπτυσμένο χαρακτήρα της αφήνει τη μαγεία να μας περιβάλει. Ο ήρεμος και ευκίνητος ρυθμός δεν σταματά να μας χαλαρώνει και να διώχνει τις δύσκολες σκέψεις μακριά.”

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“The beautiful and sensual vocals create a sweet and charming atmosphere that you definitely want to immerse yourself in. The wonderful melody with its harmonious flow and refined character lets the magic surround us. The calm and nimble rhythm never ceases to relax us and drive difficult thoughts away.”

“Las hermosas y sensuales voces crean una atmósfera dulce y encantadora en la que definitivamente querrás sumergirte. La maravillosa melodía con su flujo armonioso y carácter refinado deja que la magia nos envuelva. El ritmo tranquilo y ágil nunca deja de relajarnos y alejar los pensamientos difíciles.”

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Lyrics of Carlin Canter – Blow Your Smoke

It’s past 2, I’m drinking again
I’m losing more than just a friend
There was a time I felt so high above the smoke

Then I wonder why
The story keeps changing
Turned into fiction baby
You are filling me with doubt
You know I don’t like when you go blow your smoke

All I can do is let you exist
Till you show me that you care
If you don’t know what it takes then I can’t be yours
No no no

Then I saw you smile
And it made it worthwhile baby
It’s an addiction lately
I’m not ready to put you down
So I’ll turn around
While you blow your smoke

I want to follow you wherever you go
I really want to know the things you know
So please let me know and I’ll light you up

All I can do is let you exist
Till you show me that you care
If you don’t know what it takes then I can’t be yours
No no no
[riffing] [outro run][riffing]

I thought I broke that habit
I thought we were past it

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Reviewed by Nagamag on April 14, 2024