Catherine Aria – FEAR (Official Lyric Video) (Video)

“Cinematic / Epic song with the strong and clear voice of Catherine Aria, accompanied by gentle guitar chords. Recommended for every short relaxing break.”

Catherine Aria shared few words with us about this song:

“This song is an ambient, meditative, spiritually inspired song written by my mom in 1992. Her lyrics and story explain the feeling of depression and anxiety until faith and hope were finally given to her by God. I related to this song in a profound way and wanted to produce it.”

Catherine Aria is an independent singer & song-writer based out of Vancouver, Canada with a strong background in professional dancing, piano, choreography, modeling, and acting. Throughout her life, Catherine has always stood by the belief that music is a blessing to the world in all of its forms, including art, power, expression, healing, community and entertainment. As a performer, Catherine strives to evoke emotion in her audience, create powerful music, and inspire all of those around her by encouraging self expression in a healthy & fulfilling way.

Reviewed by Nagamag on December 18, 2020