“This work of -Chafa- combines elements of neo-classical and instrumental postminimalism. His single -Solitude- reveals to the audience a whole ocean of emotions, because of his cool and undisturbed endless expansion. Save the heat in the shower, and listen -Solitude- to calm down.”

“Работы композитора -Chafa- сочетают в себе элементы инструментальной неоклассики и постминимализма. Сингл -Solitude- раскрывает перед слушателями целый океан эмоций, ведь его холодные, бесконечные просторы так одиноки и безмятежны. Сохрани тепло в душе, послушай -Solitude- и успокойся.”

Artist share with us few words behind his inspiration of this beautiful track:

"...I began writing 'Solitude' at the beginning of our lockdown state - each phase of the song represents a new obstacle to overcome. During the final buildup, we see the light at the end of the tunnel. This piece took several months to write - it echoes the isolation, despair, and hope we have been experiencing lately..."

Chafa is an emerging pianist, producer, and composer based out of Los Angeles. He is currently preparing to launch onto the global music scene with his first two singles ready to drop imminently.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
March 10, 2021

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