Common Culture – Taking Hold | Rock music review

Common Culture – Taking Hold | Rock music review

“Это мелодичная и очень атмосферная Indie Rock композиция, которая способна погрузить слушателя в уютную и вдохновляющую атмосферу. Ощутите гармонию и теплоту, которые создают неповторимое звучание и постарайтесь насладиться этим моментом. Мягкие звуки и плавные переходы складываются в единое мелодическое полотно, наполненное нежностью и глубиной. Атмосфера песни словно мягкий покров, который обволакивает и уносит в мир ваших фантазий.”

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“This is a melodic and very atmospheric Indie Rock composition that can immerse the listener in a cozy and inspiring atmosphere. Feel the harmony and warmth that create a unique sound and try to enjoy this moment. Soft sounds and smooth transitions form a single melodic canvas, filled with tenderness and depth. The atmosphere of the song is like a soft blanket that envelops and takes you into the world of your fantasies.”

“Πρόκειται για μια μελωδική και πολύ ατμοσφαιρική σύνθεση Indie Rock που μπορεί να βυθίσει τον ακροατή σε μια ζεστή και εμπνευσμένη ατμόσφαιρα. Νιώστε την αρμονία και τη ζεστασιά που δημιουργούν έναν μοναδικό ήχο και προσπαθήστε να απολαύσετε αυτή τη στιγμή. Απαλοί ήχοι και ομαλές μεταβάσεις σχηματίζουν έναν ενιαίο μελωδικό καμβά, γεμάτο τρυφερότητα και βάθος. Η ατμόσφαιρα του τραγουδιού είναι σαν μια απαλή κουβέρτα που σε τυλίγει και σε ταξιδεύει στον κόσμο των φαντασιώσεων σου.”

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Lyrics of Common Culture – Taking Hold

Should I be scared cos to tell the truth I’m terrified
It hides behind the shadow of a smile
You should take care of yourself my son
Or you might find the lines might take you there before your time

These should be the best year of our life, to time to feel alive
Wasted days down in the basin of our youth chasing the high
Life is a lesson but I left my pen at home and hit the road
And I can feel it taking hold, so you better go

I’m not a liar or a cheat, I wont repeat the keys I keep
Locked in a box inside my head, I think I’ll hit the bar instead
I’m taking this all out on you
I’ll tell you when the time is right

I put the smiles on the faces of some people I don’t know
I felt the tears running off your cheek when I couldn’t stop the flow
And if the road is rough ahead, maybe we could go by boat
I’ll stop at nothing cos I’m telling you, I feel it taking hold

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The song “Common Culture – Taking Hold” is released by Common As Muck Records

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Reviewed by Nagamag on May 23, 2024

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