Dax – Eternity | Hip Hop music review

Dax – Eternity | Hip Hop music review

“Very dreamy atmosphere and amazing layering of sounds, that creates very melancholic vibe within the songs intro. Beautiful vocal just explodes as the songs progresses into its rhythmic parts, gaining more power. Lyrics of the song is strong, with a great message. ”


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“Πολύ ονειρική ατμόσφαιρα και εκπληκτική στρώση ήχων, που δημιουργεί πολύ μελαγχολική ατμόσφαιρα μέσα στην εισαγωγή τραγουδιών. Το όμορφο φωνητικό απλά εκρήγνυται καθώς τα τραγούδια εξελίσσονται στα ρυθμικά του μέρη, κερδίζοντας περισσότερη δύναμη. Οι στίχοι του τραγουδιού είναι ισχυροί, με ένα μεγάλο μήνυμα.”


“Ambiente muy soñador y una increíble capas de sonidos, que crea un ambiente muy melancólico dentro de la introducción de las canciones. Hermosa vocal simplemente explota a medida que las canciones progresan a sus partes rítmicas, ganando más poder. La letra de la canción es fuerte, con un gran mensaje.”


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Nagamag strongly suggests you to listen to the song “Eternity” by the remarkable “Dax”. A captivating Hip Hop music composition that upraised the difficulty for our curators to gather and write down and describe through a music review, their feelings due to their listening experience of “Dax – Eternity.” The song manages to take you on a journey through the world of Dream Pop, Alternative Rock, Alt Pop music, offering a delightful experience for all music enthusiasts.

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Lyrics of Dax – Eternity

And when you really examine the concept of eternity one will find that there is no end
Life after death is a concept human still don’t understand

How long is eternity?
I don’t understand
Some say forever
But if it’s forever then when does it come to an end?
It’s more than a concept
An infinite time that we spend
It confirms that our lives here on earth are a blip of existence and don’t make a dent
As we get older it creeps in our minds
The thought and the end and beginning of time
The Life that we thought that we lived doesn’t matter approaching the thought that someday we all die
I get confused when I look in sky
What is this water hitting my eyes?
Maybe the rain is the pain and shame
That hits earth when God cries
As we get older we don’t care what we did
It’s not the things we receive
but the things we give
We try to go back to the time we were kids
But those shoes no longer fit
Any then we finally realize
That Everyone dies
But not everyone lives
So I’m taking a chance
I’m living my life in the moment
And not in a future that’s not in my hands
I’m giving my time to the people who love me for everything that I am
I’m living my life in reality not for a post that they’ll tap when they open the gram
I’m doing whatever it takes
I’m not going to dwell on my past mistakes
I’m bridging the gap between my dreams and what i see while I’m awake
They say leave it up fate
Well fate favors those who take
Cause if eternity is forever and all this is temporary why wait?

Humanities lost
We obsess the price of material things
but at what cost?
Then treat time like currency and spend it for applause because we think that life is just a game we can turn on and off
We build we break
renew, replace
We 9 to 5 and count the days
For 40 years till 65
Then live off what our pension pays
We fall in line as mental slaves
our bodies work are minds are caged
and that’s why People say the richest place you’ll find is at the graves
Full of hopes and dreams that people never chased
Full feelings that we felt but never got to say
All the thoughts inside our heads that we kept stored and locked away
as our age increased and we got old and everything decayed
and when we finally realize that our whole lives was not a game
and that time was a commodity that we could not regain
and that we were in control and there was no one else to blame is the day
That we change

It’s eternity no end
Eternity no end
It’s eternity no end
Eternity no end
It’s eternity no end
it’s Eternity no end
It’s eternity no end
Eternity no end

What are you doing with your time?
What is your definition of happiness?
Are you giving more than your taking?
And finally, if it were to all end right now
what are you holding onto that you need to let the world see?

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The song “Dax – Eternity” is released by Living Legends Entertainment

Song Sources for “Dax – Eternity”:
Spotify: open.spotify.com/track/5UcbrFkBnVuMg6rqAvlpcY
Youtube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=lu4qYKadj24
Apple Music: music.apple.com/us/album/eternity/1587291411?i=1587291420
Deezer: www.deezer.com/track/1502387792
Pandora: www.pandora.com/TR:49600951

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Reviewed by Nagamag on January 31, 2024