Deborah Monard – Starting Again

“The experienced Singer-Songwriter Deborah Monard makes a new appearance and unfolds her artistry through a lovely single. Soulfull lyrics performed in balance with the warmest melodies will surely make up your day and fill the air with positive vibrations.”

Deborah Monard is a passionate singer-songwriter from Basel, Switzerland. She has a degree in education and completed a master's course in pop music at the Hochschule für Künste (HKB) in Bern. In 2011 she composes the title song «Tutto In Movimento» for the national project «schule bewegt» of the Federal Office of Sports FOSPO. In 2014 she produces her first own EP "I Lay It Down" with five authentic and catchy pop songs. In 2020 she releases «Appreciate» in a modern electro-pop sound. In 2021 follows "Stay Still", a peaceful piano voice arrangement. Her new single "Starting Again" is a song to dream away... In doing so, she shows various facets of her broad repertoire of own song materials.

Besides being a Singer-Songwriter, she works as a Vocal & Piano Coach. Deborah Monard is married and proud mom of two lovely kids.

Reviewed by Nagamag on May 27, 2022