dezabel – I Don’t Wanna Wait No More! (Spotify)

“Dezabel masterfully tells stories in which his listeners live their lives one after another. Bright arrangements and no less outstanding vocals are what sets this musician apart from others.”

“Dezabel мастерски рассказывает истории, в которых его слушатели проживают свои жизни одну за другой. Яркие аранжировки и не менее выдающийся вокал - это то, что выделяет этого музыканта на фоне других.”

Swiss songwriter and producer Dezabel kicks off 2021 with his latest single 'I don't wanna wait no more'. Blending analog and electronic elements, Dezabel sets the scene for this emotive, yet hooky track. With a more than ever relevant message about friendship, the lyrics reflect a feeling that the world over can relate to. Irish singer Calvin Biasi takes the lead vocal role with his powerful and unique tone, with further layers coming from the incredibly talented American based singer Jazelle Paris making 'I don't wanna wait no more' a song that will be echoing in your head from the first listen.

Reviewed by Nagamag on February 9, 2021