Drew William – Man Makes His Borders (Spotify)

“Drew William delivers a new ep, called ROOM under MyRoomStudios imprint. We picked -Man Makes His Borders- as we attached quickly to the soft harmonica and nostalgic, yet freedom vibes it sets to the listener. A soulful song.”


“These songs are all little views of this long drive of life.”

Words have never spoken as much truth for Drew William, a fairly new singer-songwriter that has a special talent of conveying cathartic emotion in every one of his tracks.

Taking this notion to heart, the opening track of William’s "Room" EP “Moonlight,” begins with the roar of an engine and an upbeat chord progression that quickly grabs the listener. Soon after William sings about finding a place away from all the noise of the world.

“That moment where everything feels like it’s on the back burner; wheels off the ground, floating toward that big white moon, all the world growing quiet behind,” William says.

The song is a feel-good anthem that offers lyrical content that is just reflective enough to feel raw and personal—the perfect opener to “Room.”

Next comes “Heal” another reflective tune about learning the lesson that healing comes in strange ways. The song quietly makes its appearance with a tasty finger-picked riff, having just the right amount of guitar effects to make the instrumentation seem all-encompassing, but intimate.

Looking back at this past year—rife with a pandemic and more political and ecological problems than ever imagined—”Heal” is a universal message that anyone can get behind.

“Accepting the hurt is a huge part, and making sure the wound is being cared for so healing can begin. I hope this song can remind us of that,” William adds.

To end is “Man Makes His Borders,” a track that sounds like an indie-pop Bob Dylan—featuring a beautiful harmonica and melody that bleeds feeling with its Americana folk flare. William muses about railroad tracks, fame—an aspect that William knows all too well from his CFL background—and the illusions of everyday life. It’s probably William’s most personal track to date and it and leaves you wanting more.

Drew William also known in the CFL Football world by his full name, Drew Wolitarsky, dived headfirst into music after his football career as a wide receiver for the Winnipeg Bluebombers was put on hold due to COVID-19.

While he was playing football, Drew played in restaurants and coffee shops—events that may seem unreal nowadays. He has been writing his entire life and with his newfound love for music, his creations have taken on a livelier body.


Reviewed by Nagamag on February 12, 2021