Elliot Fitch – The One (Spotify)

“A Techno candy for your playlist is "The one" from Elliot Fitch. Mix with rich percussion, beat and some vocal taste, which keep the dancing spirit alive. One of the best ways to welcome Spring and regain your lost optimism.”


Because it’s all about the groove with Elliot Fitch, you instantly know that ‘The One’ could be just that when the Eindhoven producer’s glitterball begins its latest swing towards paradise. Glammed up and glorious, ‘The One’ is a filtered disco-house love-in, full of 24 karat strings, and a bassline that’s stern yet supportive and ultimately too damn funky. Lower down in the mix, a supporting cast of frisky horns and feelgood guitar twangs and keys, plus vocals happily swimming in the vibe, help the unifying feel of ‘The One’ looking out for each and every dancefloor diva and don


Reviewed by Nagamag on March 16, 2021