Eric Heitmann x Ryan Dimmock – Ashes That Remain

“-Ryic Heitmann X Ryan Dimmock- Using the language of sound and visual concept, they try to share with us a baiting statement that nature needs to be protected, rather than leaving the mountains of ash. Sad, melancholy, but such beautiful in essence the neoclassical melody about the most important and painful. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“-Eric Heitmann x Ryan Dimmock- с помощью языка звука и визуального концепта стараются поделиться с нами жизненноважным утверждением, что природу нужно беречь, а не оставлять после себя горы пепла. Грустная, меланхоличная, но такая прекрасная по сути своей неоклассическая мелодия о самом важном и наболевшем.”

This is an ambient neoclassical cinematic collaboration with the brilliant UK violinist Ryan Dimmock. This composition is about remembering those that we have lost and the strength that their memory leaves behind

Reviewed by Nagamag on June 18, 2022