Erno Dohnányi x Kristina Marinova – 4 Rhapsodies, Op. 11: No. 2, Adagio capriccioso (Spotify)

“Listening to neoclassical works like "4 Rhapsodies" we instantly realize that music is like a message from God. Grab this oportunity to enjoy beautiful, virtuoso piano with elegant melody and flow of sound. Exquisite composition.”

“Слушая подобные неоклассические произведения мгновенно осознаёшь, что музыка, как и человек — от Бога. Прекрасное, виртуозное исполнение фортепианной партии, изящная мелодия которой льётся бурлящей рекой. Изысканная композиция.”

4 RHAPSODIES from critically-acclaimed pianist Kristina Marinova and Navona Records is a collection of vibrant, dynamic, and technically demanding works for solo piano. The album’s titular piece, Four Rhapsodies op. 11 by early 20th-Century composer Ernst von Dohnányi is rarely performed in concert given the level of musicianship it requires of pianists. Now, its combination of stark drama and dazzling virtuosic passages may be enjoyed by listeners everywhere. This impressive piece, along with works by the likes of Astor Piazzolla, Franz Liszt, and George Gershwin, makes for a varied collection of masterworks performed by the gifted hands of Kristina Marinova.

Reviewed by Nagamag on October 19, 2021