Flo Fi – Pancakes (Spotify)

“How to easily get prepared in three minutes for the coming tonight? The recipe is simple; low light, loose clothing, prepare a drink and, of course, Chill-hop out of your speakers. Single Pancakes - this is your ticket to a perpetual nirvana.”

“Как легко и просто упаковать в три минуты предстоящий вечер? Рецепт простой; приглушённый свет, свободная одежда, любимый напиток и, конечно же, Chill-hop из ваших колонок. Сингл Pancakes - это ваш бессрочный билет в нирвану.”


Artist shared few thoughts behind the concept of this track with us:
"...Main idea was to create an oldschool 'baking pancakes in mama's kitchen' vibe..since I bake a lot of pancakes these housebound days..." Flo Fi


Reviewed by Nagamag on February 19, 2021