“Find the slow pace and extremely simple, but very pleasant arrangement in a single -All We'll Ever Need-. Vocal samples, downtempo rhythms and familiar chill-hop elements, which are steadily and slowly colouring the sound.”

“Медленный темп и максимально простая, но очень приятная аранжировка в сингле -All We'll Ever Need-. Вокальные семплы, ритмика downtempo и знакомые элементы chill-hop, которые размеренно и плавно окрашивают звук. ”

‘All We’ll Ever Need’s lush keys and groovy bassline create a feel good beat, which the Californian producer deftly intersperses with scratches, chopped samples and pitched vocals - providing a unique crossover of lofi hiphop and electronica.

GaryOAKland is a San Francisco Bay Area music producer, beat maker, and competitive Super Smash Bros. player. Starting in jazz piano, his style has evolved across genres into Lofi beats, Future Funk, and Soulful R&B featuring singer Lee Brave. Follow GaryOAKland on Spotify or on Instagram @gary_oakland

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
March 13, 2021

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