“-Kelek- has a very correct intro that tunes its listener in the right way. Restrained expression, varied rhythms and real fireworks of genres such as; jazz, rock and folk. Conceptual work,finds a place of honor in the collection of any music lover.”

“В -Kelek- очень правильное интро, которое настраивает своего слушателя на нужный лад. Сдержанная экспрессия, разнообразная ритмика и настоящий фейерверк таких жанров, как; jazz, rock и folk. Концептуальная работа, почётное место в коллекции любого меломана.”

This is the 9th track of our recent album “Hadal Zone”. The album has a 10 track story-based structure. In this song artist shares the cultural blending that comes from being a citizen in Istanbul.

Formed in 2013, Geeva Flava have been making music by blending jazz, rock, folk music and progressive genres with their unique style. The band first came to light with the album that carries the same name as the band in 2016, now continuing their work with active members, Aybars Gülümser, Burak Erensoy, Arda Semercioğlu and Atakan Türkan. In 2017, Geeva Flava, released Dereboyu and Humble Jungle songs as a part of the live session project “Sürmekan” that tells the story of the places with music. The band continued its experimental journey with two EP’s titled “Botanic #1” and “Kinetic #2”, which they released in 2018 and 2019. In 2019, they released the video clip of their song Tavşantepe Metro, and in 2020, they released their single “Telve”, in which they added electronic elements to their musical spectrum. In the same year, after the pandemic, they concentrated on their work and completed the new album, Hadal Zone. Geeva Flava, searching for alternative ways to tell stories, also included a comic book in the project which will be released with the album. The band still continues to work for their new EP project.

Geeva Flava also took the stage in many festivals such as PSM Jazz Festival, IKSV Jazz Festival, Parklarda Caz, METU Alternative Music Festival, Offtown Festival, Bilgi New Music Festival; performed in stages such as Zorlu PSM Touché, Salon IKSV, Arkaoda, Dam, Peyote, Bronx Pi, Mask, Fenerbahçe Parkı.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
April 25, 2021

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