Hark – Ranjhan (Spotify)

“Oh God. These intoxicating dope of oriental vocals. What will happen if all this beauty is diluted with a gorgeous bass line and a supernatural, unearthly rhythm? Snakes x Ladders and Hark Music answered that question in their oriental EP called The Mystic.”

“О, Боги. Эти опьяняющие дурманы восточных вокалов. Что будет, если всю эту красоту разбавить шикарной басовой линией и сверхъестественным, неземным ритмом? Snakes x Ladders и Hark Music ответили на этот вопрос в своём восточном букете EP под названием The Mystic.”


Hard-earned production chops meet an almost supernatural sense of rhythm in this tribute to Eastern sounds, bass music, and an old-school hip hop sensibility. Eminently danceable, but somehow also perfect for chilling out - Hark’s music is chameleonic - it just always works. Hark is one of the most sought after producers in the Punjabi music industry - having written and produced for artists like Mickey Singh and Jasmine Sandlas. He also owns and runs new Vancouver-based record label Desi Soul Records. However, Hark’s dark and mystical side comes out late-night in smoky studios of his native Abbotsford - slyly reminding us of 90s Asian Underground and old-school hip hop - the meeting of which he likes to refer to as the ‘Eastern Wave’.

Hark is a force of nature. Having cut his teeth and racking up millions of streams in the high stakes world of Bollywood and Punjabi music, Da Re Da, his second release on Snakes x Ladders, continues his exposition of his darker side. Trap infused and with his signature callback to 90s hip hop, Hark’s second single features an eastern vocal clip, a dance floor friendly bounce, and a drop that will feel at home at any club (or virtual club!) from Mumbai to Toronto.

Reviewed by Nagamag on January 12, 2021