Holly Fitzgerald – Kaleidoscope

“Its delicate yet grand intro opened the door and set the stage for her skillful voice. The layers of the piece come together very well and showcase its balanced feel. She builds the mood and is followed meticulously by the entire musical ensemble involved. ”


Born and raised in the West Midlands of England, singer-songwriter Holly Fitzgerald grew up listening to the famous rock bands of the area mixed with her family's jazz and soul collection. Holly Fitzgerald's early introduction to a wider variety of genres is partially what influences her work today, and the unmistakeable sound that combines genres into one rich texture. As a teenager Fitzgerald fronted several rock bands, popular in the local areas, they went on to win regional talent competitions. However Fitzgerald, inspired by the huge voices in her family's soul collection, began to study the voice as an instrument, learning to control and manipulate her voice into any style. This led to her creation of the goose-bump inducing cries in the final chorus of her latest single, Kaleidoscope. After exploring her Midlands rock roots, Fitzgerald went on to study music as a degree at Manchester Metropolitan University. It was here that she began writing and developing as a soloist. After experimenting with the contemporary and avant-garde, Fitzgerald found herself drawn to a warm and slightly aged grand piano, where she started writing in the emotional, honest and raw style we hear today from singles 'Time' and 'Kaleidoscope'. After releasing her latest single, Holly Fitzgerald has headed back in to the studio, to work on her upcoming EP release (date to be confirmed).


Reviewed by Nagamag on March 29, 2022