if it was indigo – Love Away – Midnight Remix

if it was indigo – Love Away – Midnight Remix (Spotify)

Aetherial emotive vocals with a dark downtempo mood and brilliant sound design with "light" harmonies not missing here.

A new project by songwriter-producers Josie Charlwood & Lef Germenlis , ‘if it was indigo’ combines contemporary electronic pop soundscapes with emotive, soulful vocals and gripping storylines.
Both established songwriters releasing under their own additional projects, ‘Love Away’ is the first release which falls under the new ‘if it was indigo’ alias. ‘Love Away’ was produced entirely from a home studio in South London, something not alluded to through its production values inspired by the likes of Nao , Sinead Harnett and Ariana Grande. Juxtaposing a somewhat uplifting sound, the lyrical content of ‘Love Away’ is melancholic and emotional, pinned around the loss of a first love

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
May 22, 2020

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