“Judging from the title you may expect a simple sound mix, but the truth is very different! After a soft intro there's a blast of breaking loops that follow each other in electronic madness. Discover the rare talent of ill-esha via "Simplicity"!”

Joining forces for their first collaborative effort, K+Lab and ill-esha unleash sublime two-track EP, Simplications. The project finds the two distinctive keytar-wielding artists come full circle to their drum & bass origins as they now put their creative synergy to work in a boundless and experimental release.

Rattling sound design and slithering sonics paves the groundwork for “Complications,” which weaves syrupy vocals over intricate layers. Counterpart “Simplicity” also employs a similar frenzy of syncopated rhythms for its halftime structure, witnessing ill-esha & K+Lab come together for a dreamy, cacophonous paradox.


New Zealand-born master of intergalactic funk, K+Lab has been rocking dance floors and bringing the beats to the masses with his signature keytar in hand. K+Lab's sound draws from a seemingly endless array of influences from soul to jazz, hip hop to drum n’ bass, glitch to G funk—all tied together by an orbital pull of all things funky. His incredible live performances are unlike anything else occupying the sonic landscape today and have seen him conquer dancefloors across the globe with unmatched energy.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
March 3, 2021

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