Irina Rimes x Cris Cab – Your Love | Official Video (Video)

“Irina Rimes in this new collaboration with Cris Cab steps into the bright side and heartwarming upbeat vibes. Solid production with clarity, and a brilliant minimal layering which gives the right space of exuberant vocals to unfold. Your next pop hit is here.”

An unexpected collaboration between two iconic artists: Irina Rimes and Cris Cab. Your Love is an eclectic sound with energetic vibes meant to make you move your hips.

About Irina Rimes
With a unique appearance, full of sensitivity and special charm, Irina began her music career in Romania with a single that was a leader in the Romanian music charts for months, called „Visele”.

A versatile artist, Irina Rimes is always consistent about the music she writes and plays. She is supported by a wide audience of all ages. In 2020 she showed another side of her personality with her brand new pop-trap album, `PASTILA`.

During her career, Irina released two albums (`Despre el` and `Cosmos`), both having impressive results shortly after the release.

She collaborated with Cris Cab in the new single, ‘Your Love’, an eclectic sound with energetic vibes meant to make you move your hips.

“Irina is an amazing artist, with an incredible voice, and I can’t wait to sing with her live one day. I was happy when I heard that she is interested in collaborating with me, because I admire her very much. Your Love song is about acknowledging the problems in a relationship, but at the same time leaving space for passion to conquer. I hope you all like it and I hope to come back to Romania soon”, Cris Cab stated.

Reviewed by Nagamag on October 20, 2020