Joseph Nimoh – Extravagant Grace | Neoclassical music review

Joseph Nimoh – Extravagant Grace | Neoclassical music review

“Με την παρέα του εκπληκτικού πιάνου και την μελωδία που απλόχερα μας μοιράζει νότες απολαυστικές και μοναδικές ζούμε την απόλυτη ηρεμία αλλά και συγκίνηση. Οι φανταστικές εναλλαγές της μας μαγνητίζουν και αρχίζουμε να ακούμε τα συναισθήματα μας. Ο χαλαρός ρυθμός μας αφήνει να βάλουμε τις σκέψεις μας σε σειρά και να βρούμε τον εαυτό μας.”

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“With the company of the amazing piano and the melody that generously shares notes us enjoyable and unique we live in total calm and emotion. Its fantastic alternations magnetize us and we begin to hear our emotions. The relaxed rhythm lets us put our thoughts in a row and find ourselves.”

“Con la compañía del increíble piano y la melodía que comparte generosamente nos señala que nos agradecen y únicos, vivimos en total calma y emoción. Sus fantásticas alternancias nos magnetizan y comenzamos a escuchar nuestras emociones. El ritmo relajado nos permite poner nuestros pensamientos en una fila y encontrarnos.”

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Nagamag unveils the mesmerizing composition “Extravagant Grace”, an extraordinary creation of harmony and creativity that “Joseph Nimoh” offered to all of us. A Neoclassical song, which evoked an emotional voyage to our curator that desired to write down a unique review for “Joseph Nimoh – Extravagant Grace”. What also sets this song among the featured choices of Nagamag is the way that “Extravagant Grace” is enriched with Piano characteristics. “Joseph Nimoh – Extravagant Grace” is a rich music creation that deserves to be listened to again and again. Nagamag is honored to share this detailed music review by one of our experienced reviewers for Neoclassical music compositions. As always, Nagamag keeps up evaluating Neoclassical songs from across the globe, ensuring that all Neoclassical enthusiasts around the world have access to these auditory treasures .

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Award-winning Pianist and Composer Joseph Nimoh’s music incorporates elements of several genres, including classical, jazz, and gospel music. His music has been described as emotionally rich, soothing, and peaceful. His creative harmonic approach, improvisational spirit, and delicate soulful touch is unique, inspiring, and refreshing.

Joseph has released 12 albums; Quiet Time in His Presence, Living Waters, Reflections, Piano Hymns, Conversations on Piano (Best solo piano album for 2018 on One World Music Radio in the UK), Seasons, The Gift of Christmas, In the Flow, Hymns for Meditation on Piano (Best Christian Album for 2021 on, Timeless Hymns, Refreshing Hymns, and Late Night Improvisations on Piano. Joseph also releases music under the moniker, , where he produces ambient and instrumental piano tunes for relaxation.

Joseph’s music can be heard on KCUR 89.3 Night Tides, Calm Radio, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon, The River of Calm Radio, New Age Stars Radio, Accu Radio, Airless Radio, Got Radio, Prayerful Living Radio, Sleep Radio, and various Radio and TV stations around the world.

Joseph’s music is frequently featured on many health and wellness and meditation platforms, such as Insight Timer, Simple Habit, and Relax Melodies, but to mention a few.

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Reviewed by Nagamag on October 17, 2023