Jzzy – Bare Minimum

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The density of the musical cloth is created due to a saturated arrangement. The composition was very beautiful and elegant. The perfect symbiosis of the effects and the bass line, emphasizing the quality of the Music Indiethronica. Warm, sexy vocals -jzzy- creates a stunning atmospheric work!”

“Плотность музыкального полотна создана благодаря насыщенной аранжировке. Композиция получалась очень красивой и элегантной. Идеальный симбиоз эффектов и басовой линии, подчёркивающие качество музыки Indietronica. Тёплый, сексуальный вокал -Jzzy- создаёт потрясающее атмосферное произведение!”


Jzzy lays bare her feelings with this catchy finger snapping tune while cribbing about friendships that aren’t meaningful enough and wanting something deeper..Bare Minimum is a relaxed tempo pop song that features elements of ’80’s soft soul and funk but when the bass kicks in you just can’t help but bop a long with the track!…Guitar, drums and a sprinkling of sax are all nestled into a cool sonic landscape alongside Jzzy’s strong vocals and conversational style of lyrics

Reviewed by Nagamag on April 6, 2022