Kepa Lehtinen – Face plant (Video)

“Incredibly beautiful, virtuosic and enigmatic work. -Face Plant- can be easily compared with an unsolved puzzle that leaves some shade of mysticism. Fascinating piano and striking sound vibration theremin.”

“Невероятно красивое, виртуозное и загадочное произведение. -Face Plant- во время прослушивания можно легко сравнить с нерешённой головоломкой, которая оставляет лёгкий оттенок мистики. Завораживающая игра пиано и поразительное звуковое колебание терменвокса.”

Kepa Lehtinen Face plant

A new musical excursion from Kepa Lehtinen …Face plant is six track mini album of original contemporary classical music written for piano, contrabass, and theremin. . The theremin is an century-old electronic instrument that’s played by hand gestures rather than direct contact.

Nobody uses theremin like i do. It is not a solo instrument anymore. Because theremin responds to even the slightest movement (even to the players breath) it has become the organic sonic cornerstone of my music. It is the element that makes the soundscape really come to life ”

Face plant “I am 50 years old skateboarder. I have always loved the expression ”Face plant” (an instance of falling face first into or on to something.) If you skate on the limits of your skills you are going to fall at some point. It is going to hurt.”

Kontula Kontula (2018) is my most beloved composition. (740 000 streams on Spotify) ”Kontula ” is new solo remake of the piano version of the theme.

Fall ”The mix of classical and retro electronic music makes ideas escape easily and appreciate the changing season. Beautiful, very, very beautiful.” Mika Roth/

Nowhere ”Kepa gives an original instrument a new voice and expression in a center stage manner that merges electronic with a future indie classic. ” Ryan Martin/Jammerzine

Lockdown…Arpeggios on a broken piano – the sound of a pandemic.

It is ok to be a computer… Chiptune version of my track ”It is ok to be sad and dark” The last track on all my solo records is the Commodore 64 version of some previous song. The Spotify algorithm will punishes me – lol.

Kepa Lehtinen has written music for many films, commercials, and TV productions. He plays the piano, synthesizers, theremin.He released his first solo album, Playing Theremin, in 2018. In 2019 he released Helsinki in November and 2020 It is ok to be sad and dark. Last year Kepa was chosen as the composer of the week on the prestigious moving classics tv.

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 24, 2021