KRYSTOF – Head & Heart

“In the manner of performance -krystof- pure vocals prevail, the timbre of voice endows the notes of Electro pop with its beautiful and memorable intonational features. This is amazing work on the sound canvas, whole, monolithic and very organic. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“В манере исполнения -KRYSTOF- преобладает чистый вокал, тембр голоса наделяет ноты Electro Pop своими красивыми и запоминающимися интонационными особенностями. Это удивительная работа над звуковым полотном, цельная, монолитная и очень органичная.”

Head and Heart is written about overthinking and a heartfelt true story about my breakup. My Head always played me with fake scenarios, self doubts and told me to leave it behind, before it even ended.The message of the song is that If you’re constantly overthinking it all, you just put yourself through this bittersweet pain twice.

Head and Heart was written at Global Rockstar's last songwriting camp. We talked about my breakup which I went through at that time and decided to put that feeling into a song. My Head always told me to leave it behind and get over it, as I noticed, they were giving up while I was giving more - but my heart wouldn’t let me... I’ve always been in my head too much, overthinking it all. A reason why most relationships probably end. Based on this I named my failed relationship ,,Head and Heart“ and put it into this song. A song about overthinking in general and a heartfelt true story, about my breakup.

Reviewed by Nagamag on May 25, 2022