Kt TheGangsterRapper – Sliced Bread (Spotify)

“"Sliced Bread" is a Rap song that successfully connects lyrics with sound. Distinct background loops give colour to every single word. whether you prefer some soft atmosphere or words of power, you can choose to focus on each part you wish more.”



Born and raised in the city of Rochester NY, the soulful Rapper, producer, actor, and spoken word artist KtTheGangsterrapper began writing in 2010, inspired by his environment, hiphop upbringing, and artist like Meek Mill, J. Cole, Tupac and others gifted with truly painting pictures with their lyrics, Kt began painting pictures himself. With the driving force behind his music being the authenticity behind his words, Kt paints visual pictures of the harshness and realities of his environment and choices, the bitterness as well as the sweetness behind love and heartbreak. Pictures of doubt, death, depression, and pictures of healing, hope, and triumph.

His first release (2015) being an EP “Troup street chronicles” that he self produced the progression over the years has been very impressive.

Kt’s passion for art and the vulnerability in it often lands him in roles in inner city schools and shelters where he aims to empower youth to also tell their stories in whatever way they choose and to be themselves.

The music doesn’t just speaks for itself,

it speaks to you.

Reviewed by Nagamag on October 22, 2021