“Undertow is Kylo’s way to express all feelings of pressure which may result from a relationship with an unpleasant person. This song is the right choice to help you escape from stressful situations and also something light to relax with.”

Undertow is a vibey breakup song about feeling smothered by a person and needing to let go and move on. It truly takes on the essence of the words, feeling as if one is sucked into the undertow/drowning as a metaphor for how you can feel when you’re with a person that you no longer want to be with.

KYŁO is an electro-pop artist based out of Toronto, Ontario. Consistently creating catchy yet experimental tracks, her vocals demand attention as they spring forth from enchanting, echoed layers. Following the release of her debut EP Phases, she teased us with two singles, ‘Sometimes’ and ‘Your Eyes’, before dropping her latest EP EXIT (Oct 2019). EXIT delivers KYŁO’s signature atmospheric and sultry vocals, while tapping into a darker, more seductive side that listeners haven’t seen from her before, and each track comes as a welcome addition to her repertoire. KYŁO has been described as “talented, precise, succulent, and devastatingly fabulous to listen to” (Come Here Flloyd) and has been featured on Noisey, CBC, and KALTBLUT. As a Toronto local, she has played various venues across the city including the Mod Club, the Baby G, and the Drake showcasing interactive, fan-focused sets. KYŁO shows no signs of slowing down as she just released her latest single ‘Undertow’ and is working on a new project for 2021.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
January 20, 2021

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