Lee Hazard – All It Takes (Spotify)

“"All it takes" has a dose of hidden energy, which gradually flows from the speakers. Original electronic sounds with catchy delay effects and ghostly lyrics. Lo-fi House, made for the most selective listeners out there.”


Lee Hazard - All It Takes [CLIPP200]

clipp.art - : "Our 200th release is a dual occasion. First a huge landmark for us and secondly the welcome return of Lee Hazard, a fav 2021 newcomer who creates sublime & transcendent modern electronica. "All It Takes" completes his triptych of releases on clipp.art and is a deep expedition into borderless dub techno, as reimagined via romantic lo-fi house banger. Swirling delays, a propulsive synth stab and Lee’s own haunting vocals, underpinned by a relentlessly driving groove give All It Takes its own cinematic sheen, which in a landscape fixated on minimising, reductive thought and constraint, music that projects large is an ever welcome addition in our house. It sounds better as you go deeper and louder. Which is why we felt it fit so well here for our 200th. Lee’s lyric “It takes some time to love, but I'm loving you” also spoke to our humble little imprint of our own journey and hopefully that of our beautiful supporters - after all we are locked together like the two fish of Pisces, eternally swimming away from one another in an ongoing mesmerizing dance - like the needle and the groove. And we couldn’t be more proud of the work thus far and the immersive sonic tapestry contained in our discography - one that has introduced a galaxy of bright new stars along the way and perhaps cemented an aesthetic that will ever be connected to raw electronica & dance tunes in this moment. What started with exponential energy and barely containable weekly release schedule has admittingly slowed with age (more accurately gliding to a semi-halt in 2021 while we worked hard on our sister-label), but like most good things has gotten better with age. A bit sharper. A more complex taste. Fruity aromas. Or maybe we’ve just been staring too long at the half-finished bottle of vino sitting here while thinking of something creative to say. Either way, we’re far from half-finished (with the concept that is, not the wine), and as long as the groove is alive we know you’ll hear from us for many more moons. Always on the edge of something new. As we continue to develop the ever important VIBE! All it ever takes is some time."

Reviewed by Nagamag on December 11, 2021