Leila Milki – Fall Asleep (Spotify)

“The composition titled -Fall Asleep- has a unique feature; it opens the door to parallel worlds, where a heart beats in the rhythm of classical music and the inimitable voice of -Leila Milki- make us feel like Alice in Wonderland.”

“Композиция -Fall Asleep- обладает уникальным свойством, - она открывает двери в параллельные миры, где фонтаном в грудь бьёт классическая музыка, а неподражаемый голос -Leila Milki- даёт почувствовать себя Алисой в Стране Чудес.”


This song plays out like an orchestral dreamscape, a hazy lullaby. I created it as an extension of Women's History Month (with a team of women), as a daughter of Lebanese immigrants navigating my independence in a new world. It showcases my vocal + classical-piano performance, along with an unfurling string quartet. It's meditative, romantic, and mysterious, with dark-meets-light + Arab-fusion influences.

"Fall Asleep" explores the vulnerable push-and-pull of asserting our femininity and confronting danger for the first time, when we've been taught to stay silent + keep the peace. Through this cinematic ballad, my hope is to champion visibility for fellow first-generation daughters of immigrants whose dual-identity limbo often intensifies our experience of early adulthood.


Leila Milki is a Lebanese-American singer, songwriter, and classical-pop pianist living in Los Angeles. She strives to translate her dynamic, eclectic, and multilingual artistry into a healing platform for emotional and cultural empowerment. Most recently featured on Disney Junior's Emmy-nominated series "The Rocketeer," her music explores rich dualities in a contemporary pop-alternative setting, and her live performances showcase a diverse, cross-genre repertoire in English, Arabic, French, and Spanish.

Leila's new original single, “Fall Asleep,” is now available worldwide - honoring Women’s History Month, elevating vulnerability as strength, and capturing the hazy push-and-pull of asserting our femininity in a world that teaches us to keep the peace. Through this cinematic, orchestral ballad, she hopes to champion visibility for fellow first-generation daughters of immigrants whose dual-identity limbo often intensifies their experience of early adulthood.

Leila's music has earned her the Lennon Award and Grand Prize in the World Category of The John Lennon Songwriting Contest, the Grand Prize in the Adult Contemporary Category of the West Coast Songwriters International Song Contest, and an Honor Finalist recognition in the Singer-Songwriter category of the Great American Song Contest. She is currently producing her next full-length record, a quest to find beauty in the complex spaces between


Reviewed by Nagamag on March 29, 2021