“You can hear how multifaceted and painstaking work was carried out over the creation of this track. Deep rhythms of Deep House, excellent work with vocals and melody. Did you have an unsuccessful day? This track will return your mood in a positive direction!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Слышно, насколько многогранная и кропотливая работа была проведена над созданием этого трека. Глубокие ритмы Deep House, отличная работа с вокалом и мелодией. У вас был неудачный день? Этот трек вернёт ваше настроение в позитивное русло!”


"“Kelly Rollin” is a Tech House driven collaborative single between Nashville producers Logan Garrett & Subrinse that features renowned hip hop artist Gorilla Zoe. The track was conceived as a unique spin on tech house where the producers recruited one of their favorite rappers growing up and Gorilla Zoe’s vocals present a certain nostalgic party anthem feel.

Logan Garrett has been releasing records that feature prolific hip hop acts such as “Pitted” with Roscoe Dash and “Got It All” with Rich Boy and is following up supporting Kygo on Billboard’s SXSW show this year., Subrinse has been carving a lane in tech house with hip hop remixes and has released on Ferris Wheel Recordings, Soup NYC, and has supported Destructo, John Summit, Westend and more. “Kelly Rollin” is starting to circulate around the DJ community"