Mark Balet – Bad Gyal

“In the heat of Dancehall and Afrobeats, the depth of vocals is very important, its timbre and the force with which he affects the listener. -Mark Balet- worked to the smallest detail the strongest side of his new track- his voice can be listened and enjoy until you drown in it. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“В жарах Dancehall и Afrobeats очень важна глубина вокала, его тембр и сила, с которой он воздействует на слушателя. -Mark Balet- проработал до мелочей самую сильную сторону своего нового трека — его голос можно слушать и наслаждаться до тех пор, пока вы не утоните в нём.”

Mark Balet Is a singer/songwriter from Paris, based between New York city and Miami. Born to military parents, he was raised between Ivory Coast, France, United States, Spain and Egypt. In 1996 at the age of 13, he formed Mauvaise Race, a hip-hop and raggamuffin duo with his Sidekick Tash, and sharpened his style through Reggae Sound Systems.

Formerly known as Marky, he first gained notice in Paris in 2009 with the song Outsider from his French Album Eternel [Eternel Music/Sony ATV]. From 2014 to 2017 Mark Balet released Born to Love, Holy Ground, and King of kings with the Reggae leader, VP Records in New York.

His New ReggAfroPop Album Faya is now available now on all digital platforms.




Reviewed by Nagamag on June 19, 2022