Marynka – Dancing With Shadow

“The dance of the soul with the shadow of the past and the present, accompanied by a deep and very emotional melody of the piano. When, instead of a thousand words with the help of only the language of sounds, the most important can be said. Direct hit in the heart.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Танец души с тенью прошлого и настоящего в сопровождении глубокой и очень эмоциональной мелодии фортепиано. Когда вместо тысячи слов с помощью лишь языка звуков можно сказать самое важное. Прямое попадание в самое сердце.”

“Both light and shadow are the dance of Love.” Rumi

“Dancing With Shadow” illustrates the interplay between shadow and light in their antagonistic unity. The listener is free to either dive into emotional rupture or enjoy this divine dance of Love. The MUSIC is eloquent (think cinematic works by Ryuichi Sakamoto or “Sacred Hymns” by Keith Jarrett). Dancing With Shadow is from the Marynka’s upcoming album “Dimension 5”.

Reviewed by Nagamag on July 19, 2022