Mikael Oterhals – Joel (Spotify)

“Listening to the new neoclassical volume of Mikael Oterhals, one involuntarily associates his music with ripples in running water, where the wind draws its melody on its surface. Joel's composition stirred our senses to tears. Association is definitely one of those materials that should be in everyone's collection.”

“Слушая новый неоклассический том Mikael Oterhals, невольно ассоциируешь его музыку с рябью на проточной воде, где ветер на её глади рисует свою мелодию. Композиция Joel взбудоражила наши чувства до слёз. Association однозначно из тех материалов, которые должны быть в коллекции каждого.”


Joel is one of the piano pieces from my latest release 'Association Vol.1'. It contains two main musical themes, one more calm and one more floating and moving. Its overall emotion is in my own opinion quite melancholic in the beginning but it turnes into more of a hopeful and dreamy emotion. This single piece is a tribute to the Swedish pianist and composer Joel Lyssarides, which explains the choice of title. The entire EP contains names as song titles, and each piece is dedicated to different persons.


Reviewed by Nagamag on January 31, 2021