“A song about love, about the lost time and the desire to return everything to its place. But, as often happens, everything is not as simple as it seems. -Nate amor- skillfully juggles with feelings, as if a magician controls your emotions, pulling out everything inside.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Песня о любви, об упущенном времени и желании вернуть всё на свои места. Но, как это часто бывает, всё не так просто, как кажется. -Nate Amor- умело жонглирует чувствами, словно фокусник управляет вашими эмоциями, вытаскивая наружу всё то, что внутри.”

Singer and songwriter Nate Amor relocated to LA in 2022 with a fresh mind and fresh music followed. These new perspectives are the driver for a new album he worked on with legendary mixers Joe Zook and Drew Middleton. He delved into a unique sound, paying homage to Kings of Leon, Ray Lamontagne, and Chris Stapleton. But before the full album release, Nate Amor has some singles for you to snack on. The first track on the menu is "Ain't Hitting Me Yet".

"Ain't Hitting Me Yet" opens with dreamy guitars and skittering percussion. Nate's powerful vocals steal the show. The way he pulls the line, "But I've got to move on," is all drama. His voice only soars to new heights as the song progresses. In the video, we see Nate driving though a desert ghost town. Its a vast and cracked landscape that was once brimming with life. Interspersed shots of Nate driving a lonely road heightens the pain he is going though while trying to pick himself back up again. But even with temptation, he forgoes the bottle and face this situation head on.

As Nate details:

This songs is a picture of sweet insanity. It started on a cold Minnesota spring morning, waking up in a tiny ground level apartment staring out the dirty windows and watching the remaining brown snow melt away. Still getting used to seeing people walking about in masks. I was reflecting on another new apartment, another new beginning, yet another fresh start. All after another relapse, another toxic relationship, and another few months freshly sober. I sat down at the piano and just hit the C to the 6th chord and back. There was a serenity and a hope setting in with those two simple chords that bonded the feeling. The idea of getting away and leaving sounded great in that moment. And what came next was just the story of a man who’d lost a lot of time doing the same “insane” thing again and now picking up the pieces and building a life again alone and happy... all the while fighting these urges to want the woman and the bottle back. The 2 deadliest things.

A Minneapolis native, Nate Amor grew up with a healthy appreciation for Elvis and The Beach Boys - all things Rock 'n Roll Americana. His first time performing was at his high school talent show with a cover of Elvis' "In the Ghetto". He was hooked. The power of lyrics and positive transformative force of music has continuously fed Nate's songwriting obsessions.

Nate is a member and vocalist of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, was featured on NBC's The Voice, and as a solo artist has shared the stage with Train, Mat Kearney, and Marc Cohn.

In 2022 Nate relocated to LA to start a new musical adventure. With a collection of songs perfected over the past few years, he is now more ready than ever to bring his brand of Americana Rock to a global audience.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
August 6, 2022

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