NTO, Monolink – Beyond Control (Spotify)

“Dive deeply in the magic of that soft kick, atmospheric soundscapes and hypnotizing vocals. Once you start listening, there's no escape! This is "Beyond control" from two masters in Electronic music production.”


"Beyond Control" is taken from NTO's upcoming album, which is a beautiful collection of melodic compositions paired with NTO's talent of making a track feel melancholic and uplifting at the same time. With the three already released tracks, "Zig Zag", "Invisible" (which was also remixed by Paul Kalkbrenner) and "Petit Matin", the French producer has already set the tone for his debut album with high-quality sounds and visuals.

Apnea is a collection of personal feelings, memories and milestones for NTO, which has taken him almost two years to create and finalise. "I have enjoyed the process of composing so much. The way I worked this time was way less isolated than usual, and I do feel that I made a lot of progress," he says and adds "this debut album is also a little bit of my family's history. Some songs and extracts wink affectionately at the people I love."

The album includes collaborations with Monolink, Tricky, Louise and French 79.

The album's title Apnea was inspired by the world free diving champion Arthur Guerin, who introduced NTO to his art. And as the term "apnea" is used to describe the suspension of breathing used in water sports, including free diving, it seemed only fitting for him.

Reviewed by Nagamag on October 23, 2021