“Reflecting on Freedom” the Alon Farber Hagiga (official album)

“Work with incredible surrealism which you can absorb with small sips. Uncompromising sound with absolute professionalism, which fascinates and practically make you pay attention to every note! Lovely jazz!”

“Невероятный сюрреализм, энергию которого впитываешь небольшими глотками. Бескомпромиссное звучание, профессионализм которого очаровывает, завораживает и практически заставляет слушать и слышать каждую ноту! Прекрасный, нестареющий джаз!”


“Reflecting on Freedom” was written and arranged by Alon Farber for the “Alon Farber Hagiga” . It is a really funky tune with exciting arrangement for 3 horns and rhythm section (with an extra percussionist)

The tune is actually an homage to a great Jazz tune called “Freedom Jazz Dance” by Eddie Harris, which is quoted at the end of it

Great solos here by Yehonatan Cohen, Alon Farber and Eden Giat

Playing here:

Alon Farber- Alto sax

Yehonatan Cohen- Tenor sax

Oded Meir- Trombone

Eden Giat- Piano

Assaf Hakimi- Electric bass

Roy Oliel- Drums

Rony Iwryn- Percussion

Reviewed by Nagamag on October 24, 2021