Fable – Guilt Of The Act (Lyric Video)

“”Fable” is preparing something strong and here’s a taste of what is going to come soon. Electro Pop single with funky chorus and fast up and downs. Real gem for those who seek for the unexpected in music.”


Much heralded singer-songwriter, Fable today releases her brand new single, ‘Guilt Of The Act’ via Naim Records. The track is the latest offering from her forthcoming debut album, ‘Shame’ and has been locked in for a pre-release daytime premiere on 6Music, following in the wake of the trip hop-infused singles ‘Orbiting’ and ‘Womb’, which drew praise from the likes of 6Music, The Independent, NME and many more.

Interweaving between funk-pop and sun-soaked rock, Guilt Of The Act is topped by Fable’s signature vocal. The catchy chorus, “Can’t walk in these shoes I’m giving them back” sounds like the dancefloor filler of 2021 we’ve been waiting for. In Fable’s own words, “Guilt of the Act, is so immediate and sharp. I’ve cut off all my frills, which has resulted in what I would call ‘Danger Pop’”.

“The song itself is about voting with your ethics when being represented – about not taking the path of least resistance because of financial incentives.”


Reviewed by Nagamag on October 24, 2021