Otosan – Nowhere feat. Julia Lostrom (Video)

“Endlessly fascinating groove that rumbles with a thunderous boom, and soulful vocal capabilities through a top notch sound and visuals production which allow us to enjoy this loud! ”


Like everyone else during the lockdown, Otosan’s lives were lived out online. But there’s always a silver lining…

This is where they discovered emerging Melbourne singer-songwriter Julia Lostrom on triple j Unearthed and knew they had to get her in on a session.

“We started scouring through triple j Unearthed for some amazing vocal talent, which is always our first go-to when looking for collaborators,” explain Otosan, aka Ryan Dickinson and Ultan Burke. “From the moment we heard Julia’s voice we knew she would be a perfect fit for the track. The first takes were recorded with Julia remotely in the first wave lockdowns in April and streamed on Instagram Live, then completed with a couple of real-life socially distanced recording sessions during a brief lifting of harsh restrictions in Melbourne.”

Vocalist Julia said, “I had just released my single ‘Walls’ on Unearthed and the Otosan guys thought my voice would suit their track, so they reached out and I loved it so much! It was so funny recording it virtually in the first lockdown and then we met up in the in-between stage between Melbourne’s strict lockdowns to record some parts and just got to hang out a bit. They’re such lovely guys.”


OTÔSAN are a multi talented New Zealand based duo who specialise in electronic music production, song writing and DJing.

After spending years perfecting their own individual talents, the newly formed duo linked up in 2017 and have hit the ground running, notching up critical acclaim and worldwide radio play from the very start.

Riding high on the back of a series of successful bootlegs and remixes, you can now catch them playing at some the biggest festivals across Australasia.

Reviewed by Nagamag on December 25, 2020