Quote the Raven – Home Is Worth the Blues (Spotify)

“The melodic ballad -Home Is Worth the Blues- from a gifted country musician -Quote the Raven, creates a genuine harmony of stringed instruments such as guitar and mandolin, vocals and colorful sense of adventure.”

“Мелодичная баллада -Home Is Worth the Blues-, исполняемая кантри-музыкантами -Quote the Raven, это неподдельная гармония струнных инструментов, таких как гитара и мандолина, колоритный вокал и жажда приключений.”


“Written in a former slaughterhouse turned jam space in Calgary, this single was inspired by the environment, the stories told and the history within the building. We want this song to resonate with those who are always working tirelessly to make ends meet and to know their voices are heard.

“Home is Worth the Blues” is dedicated to the people who are working to live - the working class who gives it their all every day at a job that helps them survive and live within the world. The lyrics tell the story of how home is the place in our lives that make our day jobs worth while.

We want this single to inspire listeners to continue their daily grind knowing at the end of the day they get to come home to loved ones, relaxation and to remember why working tirelessly is all worth it.


An impromptu trip to Nashville set the wheels in motion for the sophomore record from Americana Folk duo, Quote the Raven. The sounds filling the Nashville airways reinvigorated the Newfoundland duo’s inspiration and they found a new home in the Americana genre. Their new record titled Can’t Hold the Light is a summation of the journeys that the pair have experienced over the past two years.

Collaboration has always been at the forefront of everything Quote the Raven has done. Similar to their first record Golden Hour, Can’t Hold the Light features an A-list of collaborators including Chris Kirby, Charlie A’Court, Blake Reid, Andrew Waite, Jessica Pearson, Andrew Sneddon, Nick Earle, and so many more.

In the past two years, Quote the Raven have reached over 500,000 streams, been added to the prestigious “Folk & Friends” playlist on Spotify, and earned showcases and award nominations at the East Coast Music Awards. They’ve performed at the 2019 AmericanaFest in Nashville, been featured regularly on Stingray’s Folk Roots channel, landed on the !earshot chart across Canada, and received multiple sync placements, including the CityTV drama “The Wedding Planners”.

Music Newfoundland & Labrador’s 2019 Group of the Year have embarked on a whopping five tours of Eastern Canada, mapped out a Home Routes trek of Western Canada and performed at the legendary Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival.

Quote the Raven marry smooth vocal harmonies with an, at times, haunting aesthetic that both bewitches and allures the listener. They draw influence from the likes of Joy Williams (Civil Wars), Brandi Carlile, and The Milk Carton Kids. The pair entertain audiences with their quirky, quick wit dynamic that glimpses into the daily lives of touring musicians. www.quotetheravenofficial.com

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 6, 2021