“The music you want to listen in the end of a full day, to relax and engage good dreams before get sleep, a wonderful chillwave from Raligator with beautiful harmonies and soft atmosphere.”

Phasing out of the shadows, no apparent paper trail, no records, no fax, no BBM, no TikTok profile, no Snapchat. Raligator emerges with just music. No social media tags are needed here, you won’t find it. Raligator comes and goes, like the mail man, only with enchanting electronic records instead of Yankee Candles and unpaid bills. The first in a data dump coming in the months ahead, we get a preview into the soundscapes on offer from ‘Popping Dreams With Broken Beliefs’ – a hybrid Chill-Out meets Synthwave meets classic Balearic sunsets and 80s inspiration all in one.

Swirling absorbing pads twist through the sonic spectrum before intensifying into a crescendo that hails a deep and dense sub bass that swells forward in natural waves of seismic vibrations. Raligator holds a prolific signature sound, contrasting between Downtempo tendencies, more abstract Electronica forms and that central core that always roots somewhere close to a traditional Electronic music genre. This one harks back to classic Balearic Chill-Out, whilst also conjuring Synthwave spirits from the vintage melodic leads. There is euphoria to be found in the angelic vocal which stacks a beautiful chord progression that is absolutely fused with precision to the bass. These elements when stacked all at the same time make the magic moments in the track, with the main chorus section being one of those phrases that you just want to loop and loop to drift away.

The accompanying official video is a machine gun of colour provoking introspection, confusion, maybe even a warped and hyper-coloured meditation. Filled with subliminal communications, there is a sequence and code hidden inside the complexity and insanity of the video’s elements. We’ve not worked it out yet – but we’re nearly sure that there are words of wisdom to be found if one is patient or curious enough to resolve the messages and piece together the riddle.

‘Popping Dreams With Broken Beliefs’ will be dropping in September.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
September 2, 2020

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