Rikard Mathisson – Scintillant (Spotify)

“Scintillant from Rikard Mathisson will tickle your senses with its playful turns and gentle dynamics, creating a romantic cinematic atmosphere of a scenery where good moments of the past unfold in the eyes of the charachter through his daydreaming.”


Scintillant is a single composed and performed by contemporary Swedish pianist Rikard Mathisson. It features beautiful sound of grand concert piano with a dominant calm and peaceful mood. Although Scintillant relies on a more traditional approach to piano playing, it's meaning "glittering"/"glistening" is reflected in colorful piano arrangement and playing. It could be a perfect match for any neoclassical, solo piano, sleeping, studying, relaxing and focus type of playlist.

Reviewed by Nagamag on September 5, 2020