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“A fine blend of influences between latin musicstyles, rich layering with positive vocals that lift you up.”


Costa Rican MC/DJ duo Nakury & Barzo launch “O”, a new album dedicated to the infinite connection between all life forms. The release is set for September 18th 2020 via the independent record label Lácteo Cósmico.

In this collaborative production, they explore various danceable rhythms and genres that are part of their identity: Salsa, Bolero, Reggaeton, Bossa Nova, Swing, among others. All this without forgetting their characteristic sound, that fuses Hip Hop and Rap in Spanish with elements of electronic music. The album reflects the search of one’s roots with a profound love for nature and community. It’s a journey that incites us to move our body, heart and mind.

“O” is the second long-play in which the Costa Rican duo collaborate, following Nakury’s discographic debut in 2017 titled “VIA”. In the new recordings, they are accompanied by guitarist Daniela García, percussionist Fiorella Hidalgo and bassist Maddie Serrano. The mixing and mastering was engineered by Ricardo Bernal, while the graphic design was developed by Sara Serna.

After performing in 15 countries of Europe, North America and Central America, Nakury & Barzo have prepared a new show for “O”, which also includes their classic repertoire. The performances are complemented by different elements: scenography, wardrobes, visuals, dance and live instrumentalists. During 2020, they’ve adapted their proposal to virtuality and have managed to participate in international musical markets such as Circulart (Colombia), IMESUR (Chile) and Corriente (Peru).

Nakury & Barzo celebrate this new chapter in their artistic careers connecting with their audience in diverse territories and exploring new paths.

Reviewed by Nagamag on September 28, 2020

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