Roman Wróblewski x Weronika Kulpa x BlauBird – Lamento

“In an intensely dramatic atmosphere and passionate style, three artists express their opposition to the war. Seize this opportunity to enjoy a great combination of piano, cello and vocal performance of another level that won’t leave you unaffected.”

“Lamento” is an inter-linguistic journey into the depths of one of the oldest traditions of lament. “There, among our memories, among the fragments of songs, words, and prayers we carry with us, is that which is sacred, our love, our humanity, and our ability to live one more day, to try to love always.” The main inspiration was words written in the Jerusalem Talmud: “Latin is adapted for war, the language of the host country for hymns, Hebrew for discussion, and Aramaic for lamentation.”

Reviewed by Nagamag on May 5, 2022