“Sam Shaky sings for the broken hearts outhere to give some strength and courage. The recipe is simple; sit back, raise your speakers volume and take your time to listen untill the end. Let the artist’s profoundly impactful voice guide you through this dynamic Electro Pop mix.”

Hearts are broken across the globe on a daily basis, however, not all is always lost. The Finnish-born Sam Shaky treads the line between dark, ethereal Pop and Alternative Rock.

Sam’s music circulates around themes of inner struggle and difficulties in love. While being abstract by design, his music echoes a relatability to common folk, with depth of emotion, big imagination and real stories. But instead of forcing meanings upon his listeners, he invites people to extrapolate colours and emotions from his dark but hopeful, ethereal sound.

Debut single ‘Tomorrow’, made its way to 5th place on Spotify Finland Viral 50. His follow-up single ‘Don’t Let Go’ reached 4th place on the same chart and receiving a feature on the highly regarded ‘Fresh Finds: Six Strings’ playlist on Spotify.

Sam’s forthcoming album, ‘Arctic Americana’ is a continuation of his story up until now. ‘Don’t Play With The Devil’ is the first single release off the album; featuring Steve Wilmot (OneRepublic, Switchfoot) on production, Dom Morley (Amy Winehouse, Nick Cave, Mark Ronson) on analog synths and legendary Derek Sherinian (Dream Theatre, Billy Idol, Alice Cooper, Kiss) on keys.

Sam Shaky is for anyone seeking the rough and the experimental, it’s for lovers of Pop to Rock and Alternative, it’s for those looking for sincerity. Above all, it’s for those craving an experience that far surpasses the hollow, cookie-cutter world.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
April 28, 2021

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