Sergio T feat. Steven Aderinto – On My Mind – Lyric Video (Video)

“This time Sergio T joins forces with Steven Aderito for another success. If you are an afrobeats/afro pop fun you must include this track in your favourites list. It can rise up the mood from the first seconds, while progressing gradually with a gentle flow of travelling sensation. Listen once and there’s no doubt that it will keep playing in your mind!”

Sergio T (Sergio Tanidis) was born and raised in Katerini Pierias (Greece). Since he was young, he showed his love for music and started guitar lessons. At the age of 15 he composed his first own music and by 18 he signed his first contract with My Group, one of the biggest record labels in Greece. In the summer of 2014 he made his first big hit with the all famous single “Don’t Go” ( ) with countless airplays in greek radio stations. At 2015 My Group also released another single, “Fighting 4 Love” ( ) – making its way to the top from the first month of release! His last hit with many airplays in Greece (No. 33 Shazam) and foreign countries (No 28 shazam in Turkey) is “Secret” ( ). Sergio T retains an unbreakable relationship with djing. He is resident dj at many clubs and bars at Thessaloniki, as well as many other cities in Greece (Rhodos, Serres, Katerini etc). In this page, you will find all the latest news from Sergio T!

Reviewed by Nagamag on December 15, 2020